Is it possible to install CISS for the same color?

Good day!

There is inkjet printer Canon PIXMA MP160. It so happened that I need to print a lot of text. I tired to fill the cartridge every week or even more often. Moreover, periodically it becomes quite "dirty" activity.
So I thought, maybe it's worth to install CISS on this printer? But I need only black color and CISS for single color, something I never noticed.
Maybe someone faced with such a question? Please tell us how decided - in favor of snpch, PZK, or something else.

Thank you.
September 9th 19 at 19:56
2 answers
September 9th 19 at 19:58
Well buy the CISS what it is, and the printer put only the black cartridge out of it and pour black ink into a jar. What's the problem then???
September 9th 19 at 20:00
1 Well, if you really print almost 1000 pages in a week, it is better to take laser monochrome printer, for example : , it is amenable to quality restoration
2 Think that print a lot less as a result of the gas stations dried up sponge and holds a little ink. A new cartridge, therefore, is also an option (PG-50)
3 At the CISS, the truth is nothing can it or not / number of hemorrhoids learn just by trying

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