Fix AJAX Drupal?

Friends can't understand not working AJAX
Installed A Load More Views
In the view set to display for 8 and chose Load More
And Set use AJAX = Yes
And brought in the main unit, but when you click Load more, it reloads the page and displays page=1 2 4 etc, ie not working, AJAX
How to understand what's the problem? How to debug all this?
Can anyone come across?
Thank you.
September 18th 19 at 23:43
2 answers
September 18th 19 at 23:45
Warning: Illegal offset type in function drupal_add_js() (line 4230 in /var/www/site/data/
$javascript[$options['data']] = $options;
Faced who?
What is the function add_js, well, obviously that adds the JS, but that conflicts with her how to understand? - Manuela.Rolfson commented on September 18th 19 at 23:48
September 18th 19 at 23:47
And throw, pliz, a kernel version of Drupal error logs from Drupal

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