How much it costs to put a 3D model of a person in a certain position?

You need to put the 3D human model in different positions in order to describe the performance of any exercise. There are drawings and photos of the items. In fact, from the contractor to the desired rendered image. The model, for example, any defaulty athlete, without excessive customization and overdeterminacy.

Heard that for such purposes a good program Poser. How much on average will cost one such position when working in Poser, and how many other editors? With the creation of the model itself and without.

Thank you.
September 18th 19 at 23:43
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September 18th 19 at 23:45
I will not say the price, but I'll try to estimate man-hours.

Poser is very simple, any position on the native people you can expose yourself for a few minutes. Plus a few minutes to render, if in high resolution.

With other editors, and customization are all highly variable and depends on the required detail and selected bases. But I don't think will take more weeks for the model + also a few minutes on each pose (if the model with the skinning), or a few tens of minutes to hours for the position (if the model will be transformed under each pose without skinning with compensation for distortion of the joints).

In short, a complete cycle like this: modeling -> texturing -> skinning -> rigging -> getting the right POS -> rendering.
Cost, every next step easier than the previous ones. In ZBrush you can do without the skinning and rigging, but the posing is a little longer. It all depends on the number of poses, if they are really a lot, it is better to spend time skinning, but then to rivet them in batches if they can be counted on the fingers of one hand, while on the normal skinning itself may not justify.

In short, the range is very large and depends strongly on your requirements and budget.

PS: Maybe better to just place the order on freelancing and not guessing here?
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