CRUD or DDD for a small/medium project?

Good evening!
Study ASP.NET MVC EF CodeFirst and DDD...
Under this write a small project that in the future I plan to use.
In fact there will be a site with the functionality of the parser, and rasparennye data will be fully used within the site.
The question arose whether to use just apply CRUD or DDD?
On the one hand the project is small and includes about 6 models.
On the other hand, there is reason to consider here is the DDD approach, because there will be functionality of the parser, and it can be represented as a service/services from DDD. The service accepts data in the form of the model and, after processing, returns the data in the form of other models.
I would like to know your opinion, and if you can get links to articles and examples of projects.
Thank you!
September 18th 19 at 23:48
1 answer
September 18th 19 at 23:50
Probably need to write a windows service that will scan websites, parse and put into database. And the site just to manage this process through the config in the dB or via WCF and display the results.
Thanks for the reply!
But I don't need the parser-spider. I'm uploading the file to the website and parse it there. Files will be a little. In General, it is not necessary to loop it on the parser, you can imagine that I have a certain functionality and only ASP.NET the MVC app. So am interested in is how best to organize the application architecture? Whether to use CRUD or DDD, or use the DDD part? - jaida.Hacket commented on September 18th 19 at 23:53
: I think both are possible. - Anjali95 commented on September 18th 19 at 23:56

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