How to make a download of the filtered data when you change values select?

Tell me how to make a selection by clicking on select?
Here is the code. Select enter all the values(when you add a new manufacturer, if not more, will be added to select). Replays are erased, no empty values.
echo "<div class="newselect">";
 echo "<select class="chosen" name="family">";
 echo '<option value>-- Manufacturer --</option>';
 while ($line = mysql_fetch_array($family)){
 echo '<option value="'.$line['Proizv'].'">'.$line['Proizv'].'</option>';
 echo "</select>";
echo "</div>";

Wrote so, but it does not work anything(even the page is not reloaded)
 $fam = "SELECT * FROM Proizv WHERE Proizv =".$_GET['maker'];
 $fam2 = mysql_query($fam)or die(mysql_error());
September 18th 19 at 23:49
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