How to make "iron" remote control?

There is a fee, an Ethernet switch on the ATMEGA32U4,
connected to 4G Internet on a remote object. Vpn it is visible in the local network and well managed through its web page (click unacceptable, the sensors to operate). It's awkward for me to control this via a browser. Want to do remote console with 4 LEDs showing the status of sensors and 4 switches that control the loads. I.e. a standalone device, plugging into a local network and working without a computer. Prompt, please, similar to the implementation of the tasks (if there are already ready decisions).
PS. I'm interested in the solution, not necessarily using the charge relay, which I now use.
September 18th 19 at 23:55
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September 18th 19 at 23:57
I don't think there is so ready to work with any web api out of the box. So I have to take any odnoletniki (Arduino with an ethernet shield will not work (or rather it will fit but will have to be ported to the its openVPN)), then, armed with firebug, reversal API of the relay and create.
I mean by "a ready solution" - different implementation and enforcement machinery. Implemented VPN on the router so that port, nothing else - we believe that we have just a LAN. - bernadette commented on September 19th 19 at 00:00
September 18th 19 at 23:59
Any cheap router type three hundredth Dlink + Chinese mini-Arduino for $ 2 + buttons. Power the router on Raziel rs232 is already there, just solder to Arduino (Achtung: when buying we should see that this Arduino could at 3.3 V!), holes to be drilled under button in the housing of the router, connect, a stitched... PROFIT.
dd-wrt has a package OpenVPN in itself and perfectly gets on cheap Dlink. I have six hundredth Dlink pulled already transmishn with two or three downloads. The router should be differently cheaper any suitable dewberry, and unnecessary movements much less for the manufacture of the device.

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