The separation of the registered users, guests (+ custom options and reports) – how?

Good time!

Google analytics has a feature called userID, which allows to separate the statistics between registered users and all the rest, adding one row with uid analysis code (
However, you need Yandex.Metric, I would like to have the same feature here. But how?

Read the manual for custom settings, added the code to your site:
w.yaCounterXXXXXXXX.params({ uid : <?= $uid ?>, registered: <?= (int)!empty($uid) ?> });

In the tab "Content" –> "Configure visits" parameter values are not visible (only the fact of their presence).

Actually, questions two:
1. Where to include and how to use the setting like "watch this report only the mark is registered = true"? In report designer in any graph (including the "Under conditions"), no user-defined variables.
2. How to sort/filter the values of custom parameters and not only the fact of their presence (for example, you will need to track the setting with more than two string values)?

Thank you!
September 19th 19 at 00:19
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