What is really meant by the term "experience"?

Here's an example on the page in the "Experience, skills, technology" is specified 1 year. Please explain what is meant in such cases, "experience":
  1. How many worked in a real company?
  2. How much time have I spent on researching this technology?
  3. Something else?
September 19th 19 at 00:27
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September 19th 19 at 00:29
In practice, it is the product of CDA on the number of hours spent programming.
September 19th 19 at 00:31
Experience - this time at all. For example, the experience of driving. Although the law could be on the shelf.
Experience is the application of knowledge to practice and problem solving. Learning is not experience. Experience is participation in the open-source projects, jobs, internships. Writing website content for the Department's experience. Job for the money is the experience.
Well, training is different, for example once again by learning of writing Department ;) and not just reading books. Thanks for the reply. - tristin.Effertz37 commented on September 19th 19 at 00:34
September 19th 19 at 00:33
number of projects
If you have 50 level projects - blog, page - fuck that person who needs.
If you have 3 level work the social. networks like vk, facebook, badoo ... , large stores such as wb.ru butik.ru lamoda.ru ulmart.ru ... is a joy to talk to.

The number of projects is not an indicator at all.

But the complexity, architecture, representation on project development, practical use wide range of technologies has to say about the experience. - tristin.Effertz37 commented on September 19th 19 at 00:36
: If you own a local training project (e.g. as close as possible a clone of the same Toaster + own chips)? - minerva.Kassul commented on September 19th 19 at 00:39
: well at least it's better than nothing. - tristin.Effertz37 commented on September 19th 19 at 00:42
: you then have a 3 working-level SOC. networks like vk, facebook, badoo? - Noe.Zemlak commented on September 19th 19 at 00:45
: Deploy to github.
In the interview, this way you will be able to show code.
When you view the code, will tell you everything.

I do not think the experience - "projects for themselves."
I have such a local earlier on 10 pieces in a month appeared. All were sent to the furnace.

And here is an example: Imagine that I have found your resume and decided to take you in his team.
Here we called on Skype and I'm asking about your experience.
- Show me a real working projects
- Show me examples of your code, not piece and not just one but several classes.
- Tell us what you wrote in N projects

And of course task (asked this earlier) - we Have a project with him in the DB should maintain logs of the user, ie any action on the website. About 50,000 actions per minute. All this is necessary to preserve, structure, etc. In this case, the database should not overflow, as well, at any time, the employee was able to obtain data on a user action at a certain time, which he did a month ago.
Of course everything should work fast, not slow, etc.

Here is what you will answer ? =)

If jobs experience, then you need to be prepared for questions. - Noe.Zemlak commented on September 19th 19 at 00:48
: Yes. And of course I develop not one, for this I have my team. - minerva.Kassul commented on September 19th 19 at 00:51
: thank you for your detailed response. You would like knowledgeable people to give advice in this matter? Want to get a job as RoR developer, but there are problems - few vacancies, Junior, no one does not want to take, you need at least a year and a half of experience with all the consequences, to choose something else just is not an option. What would You suggest to do in such a situation? Where to start? What to study, what to do?
The findings that Junior is not interesting to anyone, I realized from the profile and on the gene profiles of those interested.
Thank you. - minerva.Kassul commented on September 19th 19 at 00:54
You're right, few people take people with junior level, especially if it's backend.

Must start from the beginning, so to speak with the basics of web development. HTML/CSS/JS

But if you want it to programming, you should first find customers in the form of - "advised" or friends/relatives. Of course with them more difficult than with the normal client, but the experience panamericas.

You can try and freelance to look. - tristin.Effertz37 commented on September 19th 19 at 00:57
: the basics (html, css, js) there is no problem, if You about the ability. Or what to look for a job first is more with this bias, but not rails ? - minerva.Kassul commented on September 19th 19 at 01:00
: Exactly. Need to find a job, and I'm a Junior, usually html,css,js. Get experience, at least in labor, and there already will be something to find. - tristin.Effertz37 commented on September 19th 19 at 01:03
September 19th 19 at 00:35
Experience is how much you've spent hours at work with projects of different jobs in a particular area.

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