The tooltip following the cursor. How to set up?

In General, learn to create a template for Joomla. Did everything according to instructions uncles from the Internet: I wrote a simple website, made it a template, installed it on Jum - it worked. Began to check the presence of the unforeseen.

When I clicked on the link "Forgot your login(password)?" - in the opened page I was waiting for strange tooltip that follows the cursor, with the tip on the "Address elektronnoy mail * "

(it moves when you move the cursor)

Tried to fix it myself.
Searched through the folders/files Joomla - I found where the variable is stored with the text of the popup message, I found out that it seems nazyvatsya description, along the way, learned PHP, but where is stored the css file responsible for the appearance of this pop-up shit - couple not found

1. Actually, how to customize the style described above shnyaga where it is actually stored?
2. Can somebody advise a normal website inside Joomla? Tell me, how does it work, how to work with code modules, etc And then I only come across video tutorials for degenerates.

Do not just pour me that using Jumla. I'm not so long doing it all and still young :D
September 19th 19 at 00:33
1 answer
September 19th 19 at 00:35
You certainly sorry, but your question is bullshit. Where you taught to communicate in normal resources? Or is it the official style do you like that?

According to your question, here's a good plugin for tooltips, able to follow mouse out of the box

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