Is it possible to create a low-level app in Ruby?

I would like to create an app in Ruby that is associated with the architecture of the computer. Is this possible or is the language so high-level that does not allow to write such an application?
September 19th 19 at 12:09
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September 19th 19 at 12:11
Ruby is an interpreted language. None of what you are writing low-level applications may not be considered.
September 19th 19 at 12:13
You can, if you make a processor that is able to execute byte code ruby.
By the way this is not such a difficult task.
It is technically possible, but the cost of this product does not pay off. - marley commented on September 19th 19 at 12:16
: IMHO it's easy enough to do on FPGA. - Missouri.Hoeg commented on September 19th 19 at 12:19
by the way this is a good subject for graduation project. - Missouri.Hoeg commented on September 19th 19 at 12:22
just go to the tower, will deal with this issue) - marley commented on September 19th 19 at 12:25
September 19th 19 at 12:15
You can create a compiled, not an interpreted application, if you write the application in the language Crystal, which is very similar to ruby in syntax. Or to write complex application logic in C and to this ruby code to connect as the extension.
September 19th 19 at 12:17
you can, but first gash ruby -> C translator
September 19th 19 at 12:19
In ruby there is no possibility to work with memory directly . The only option is to write an extension in C++ using SWIG

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