What to choose to properly configure a wi-fi router?

Hello, there is wi-fi router lb-link distributes wired (10mb) Internet access for phone and TV. But there are some problems, the TV signal is unstable if testing via speedtest, the TV shows 5mb/s, then 9, each time differently. Phone in place where a TV shows the best signal.

I read a little about the setting, always write in different ways, confused me tab basic settings wi-fi. Can you please suggest which mode (Network Mode) it is better to choose which Channel Bandwidth and different? I think I do something wrong chose here:7d274f7926ba4d47a227f83ff24b6438.png
Thanks in advance :)
September 19th 19 at 12:09
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September 19th 19 at 12:11
b/g/n mode - mode wi-fi, the choice depends on the speed and capabilities of the Wi-Fi card receiver, not all n cards support (particularly phones).
Real bandwidth:
802.11-B – 2GHz. Throughput less 5мбит.
802.11-G – 2GHz. Throughput less 22мбит.
802.11-N – 2/5GHz. Throughput less 150мбит.
If all devices support n - select n-only. If not, stop for g.
Channel Bandwidth:
Auto 20/40 – select if your network devices will be used with support for any protocols other than 802.11 n in conjunction with 802.11 n.
20 MHz – if the Protocol WI-FI 802.11 n, the network will not be used.

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