Form, Application, Billing....(for a collection of applications and reports)?

Hi all, I have an idea to work with office centers, will briefly set forth the essence:
- there is a poster with a promo code for each of. center
- it is located in the office. center
- if those who rent book our services
of the center receives a fixed remuneration
- anyone who wants to order the service fills out a form on our website with promo code poster...

I thought everything to do with the help of the Google docks conveniently integrasoft the form under design of a site...and conveniently keep account..all in the plate
But the question of honesty, as to prove of. the center that I have received or not received or has not received a request from their landlords..

Show them the Google the table with the applications I don't want because they will see all the data, I'm not interested..
To do a screenshot or write down only their data: 1st this time, 2nd how can I prove that I didn't draw it myself or write..

Actually maybe there is some service or as to do so would be the shape and internal functionality that I could show the reports for each or even better that they could themselves to go and see to your LC is there a p code of their orders...
September 19th 19 at 12:10
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September 19th 19 at 12:12
Try to get the handle of bitrix24, there is a true CRM for sales. And the limit seems to be 10 users for free. There is also a system of rights and delimitation of the access.
about Bitrix know, thanks but it's not.
maybe there are some services of the program where there is such a functionality?
what would everyone had owls promo code and your LK he went there and looked for someone regilsja by its code if not... - virgie.Bruen commented on September 19th 19 at 12:15
i.e., each of the lessor is, or should be your LC, which shows all the orders submitted to you with his promo code? I think it's easy to do on some sort of cms or embed this LK to your website where orders are accepted. - Abel64 commented on September 19th 19 at 12:18

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