How to pull domain out of the filter SS?

Hello Dear!
The fact that I decided to purchase the domain name under the filter and Yandex, and Google. The question is how to bring domain of a filter.
The basic advice given in such situations is to write to the support that the domain has a new owner, but in some subjects claim to write in support of Google is useless, Yandex and expect a clear answer only on the 4th-5th treatment.

The reasons falling under the filter is unknown to me, Plato Yandex on this question I do not answer, turned three times already.

So the same about the frequent advice - "change domain": I don't want to change domain, it is essential. I am willing to spend time - a year, two, three and willing to spend the money, I this domain is necessary. I hope this thread such advice will not.

Dear, please advise, what steps need to be taken, you should pay attention. I would be very grateful to any adequate advice.

Thank you.
September 19th 19 at 12:15
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September 19th 19 at 12:17
You know what the domain was before? Which site will you have the same or different?
Who told you that on the website filter? Okay, let's say there is a filter listed but Google's filters are displayed in the webmaster section "action taken by the hand" and there you can remove (just push button, the "I'm fixed". I have worked out.

In General, there is an option when a domain goes with the time he once launched a new website. With the new site content we have to work tightly (to increase the time spent on the website and satisfaction of the audience). There is an option when you are not writing in Yandex that the site is under the filter, and launch a new website, then write to the Yandex website that is poorly ranked, they look at the filter, and the website another. And then it can shoot.

There are aggressive methods for removing filter. For example, attempt to use the behavioral factors that create the illusion that this site is actively looking for. Someone keen on social signals, and generally sense is because increasing the share of non-search traffic.

In short highly depends on the type of site - commercial, informational.
September 19th 19 at 12:19
Passive mode, which I use - hang on this domain one page with text on the subject of the future of the site (unique 300-500 characters), add the website to the Webmaster under a verified account, the text throw in the "original texts", hung on the page code Metrics, create a file robots.txt and sitemap.xml and add it to webmaster. You can add one link from a site with a TIC greater than 10. If Google also filter those same actions, but GCV still.
Voila. Profit. The average period of the output of this filter 2-3 months, depends on many factors.
September 19th 19 at 12:21
The fact that I decided to purchase the domain name under the filter and Yandex, and Google. The question is how to bring domain of a filter.

Regarding Yandex will not say, but Google the concept of "filter" as such.
There are manual Actionsthat are relayed from site to site and from domain to domain.
That is, you buy domain, and it can hang these Measures. Enough to add to Webmaster Tools two versions of the website (www and non-www) and to expect a letter from the team for combating web spam. If you come, you can apply for revision.
Worse, if the domain hang DMCA-abuzy. I haven't experienced this, but hypothetically assume that there will be problems.
Other options - removal of the judgment, etc.
Bad option - the former owner had removed it via the uninstall option in WMT. A new website may not appear in the Search.
In fact, try as problem voicing it.
You can see in the web archive, if it is clear that the site was some kind of subdomain, it is possible to reproduce on a blank page, add to WMT and see will the email Action. But this is an extreme case, when absolutely nothing from a dead point does not move.

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