What textbook on the Russian language recommend?

Prompt, please, a textbook on the Russian language for systematizing your own knowledge.

The problem is that Russian is my native language. Because of this, I think it patterns itself not realizing what designs I use. This greatly hinders the study of other languages - English and German. I can't tell a participle from the adjective, until you look into their definition, can't distinguish a gerund from participial until you look into their signs.

All this leads to the fact that other languages in which it is important to understand how to construct a phrase, I can't handle.

For example, English is for me a dark forest, I am keenly watching on it movies and read books. But as soon as it comes to proper writing or speech - here starts my problem.

For those who will write that need more practice: Yes, I understand that perfectly and regularly and a lot of practice. But my literacy level is lagging behind, I'm trying to build in the head "formulaic phrase, a line", and it does not suit me. I often lead the conversation - where I have enough time to think about the rules, and unconditional knowledge is 10-15 times and so will go.
September 19th 19 at 12:17
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September 19th 19 at 12:19
Rosenthal, for example.
September 19th 19 at 12:21
Basic terminology should be taught by Rosenthal, Yes. And know them not hurt.

But it is not very clear, as it can interfere with the study in. languages. Or you teach them in Russian textbooks ? It is absolutely contraindicated! English should be taught in normal textbooks type Murphy (that's one, and generally a lot of them are different), German - also in German, the name can not remember now, but the destination forums to find them easy.

Well, given that patterns of use of "parallel" structures in our languages very often have to rely on Russian is not necessary. In the same Murphy is so cool all laid out on shelves, that's amazing; that's what we should use. In other words: it is not necessary to know what is the communion in Russian, to know what at is and how to use it.

Viel Erfolg and good luck.
September 19th 19 at 12:23
I think it is best to look in the tables, they are well remembered and allows to systematize the accumulated knowledge early, and if you start to consider all in detail and to study new, the terms can be confusing at once.
As an example, a book of morphology (parts of speech): www.gramota.ru/book/litnevskaya.php?part4.htm

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