Where to store and how to handle the Response VK Android SDK?

Subject. Here is a sample code. VKApiAudio as I understand it maintains only one audio received from the Response. Then how to get them in large quantity? There is a class in which they may be stored, such VKApiCommunityArray? And how to work with them, for example to select only Title and Artist?

public void onMyButtonClick(View View) {
 VKParameters params = new VKParameters();
 params.put(VKApiConst.OWNER_ID, "1");
 params.put(VKApiConst.COUNT "3");
 VKRequest requestaudio = new VKRequest("audio.get", VKParameters.from(VKApiConst.OWNER_ID, "1", VKApiConst.COUNT "3"));
 requestaudio.executeWithListener(new VKRequest.VKRequestListener() {

 public void onComplete(VKResponse response) {

 VKApiAudio audio = (VKApiAudio) response.parsedModel;

 if (audio == null) {
 Log.v("Error", "Nothing loaded");
 } else {
 Log.v("User name:", audio.artist + audio.title);
 public void onError(VKError error) {
September 19th 19 at 12:21

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