Show on your fingers how to use LESS in YII2?

Essence set for yii2 basic tests (General familiar with framwork excellent)

So, clean install, trying to find where the feet .less files are growing.
Aha, vendor/bower/bootstrap

Next, I thought, that can be corrected .less file, and when replacing assets, it is replaced. But no. At this point I stopped 3 months ago.

Today found that the very less file is generated in the bootstrap, and there is written everything .less files.

So, what can I do to change .less files and they signed up for this bootstrap theme.css.the map file? Or what do you need to do to change the files .less, and that changes are being introduced to the website in the .less files?
September 19th 19 at 12:23
1 answer
September 19th 19 at 12:25
As an option:
to add the extension here it is:
"nizsheanez/yii2-asset-converter": "1.*"
in the config:
'assetManager' => [
 'converter'=> [
 'destinationDir' => ", //at which folder of @webroot put compiled files
 'parsers' => [
 'less' => [ // file extension to parse
 'class' => 'nizsheanez\assetConverter\Less',
 'output' => 'css', // parsed output file type
 'options' => [
 'auto' => true, // optional options

in assets add your less file converted to css. The question is how it all tie in bootstrap. Apparently disabling it from yii and to register it clearly in the form of less files.

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