The theme for the master's?

I'm just a sysadmin, taught in master's in economic profile.
I have chosen a boring state-owned economic subject, wrote a bit, but decided that it is better to change the subject and start all over again. Time to change it one week, then the window is closed.
I want to choose a topic of the master's to the excitement of the theme to actually to write something fit, to explore, to read books, run around the room with wild eyes
Habr, can you recommend a good order at the crossroads of marketing/it/management/is in it/Economics in it.

While for the whole evening and the whole night came to mind topics that most want to understand the type
"personnel motivation in information economy"
"management and personnel management in it"(such a topic will not work, need samnee)
"analysis of e-Commerce"
"project management in it company"

Write anything you think, read this note:)
Perhaps, what is your proposed topic, I'll write a treatise!
September 19th 19 at 12:36
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September 19th 19 at 12:38
Every week this question.

Tired of repeating that the points on the diploma are not for the diploma, and for his protection. A good showing with a blank diploma will get a good score, a bad good - bad.
September 19th 19 at 12:40
Listen to smart people - not to run. With a new and interesting topic, without a strong, personally interested in the subject, head, too high a probability of running into either someone's interests, or for very complex, not toliau on your level of problem.
But if you really want:
Today at the Cloud Expo Europe exhibition in Frankfurt, the largest audience was gathered by the speaker with the theme:
"Marketing cloud solutions. Not a coincidence capabilities of operators and consumers"
Main points:
Technology ahead of the needs of
- The claimed economic efficiency of solutions is not consistent with the practice of
- Products offered do not solve those issues of concern to consumers, etc. (unfortunately not understood by ear)

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