How to get support for Beeline to solve the problem with the Internet?

Will write more history to close all the surface issues/solutions

Recently connected to the home Internet Beeline with the router dir-615. The router is old and never pleased its stability, so decided to replace Zyxel Giga II (tyrnete wrote that OK and besides, software is not different from the supported Zyxel Ultra).

1. Hooked up according to the instructions from the site Beeline and forum homenet (no magic, a couple of settings to change I can handle) -> breaks within the 1st minute.
2. Come on zyxel, and shake the last package firmware (KEENETIC_GIGA_II-V2.03[AAFS.0]C4) is the same
3. Began corresponding with On the 2nd atarasii correspondence (5th day) said will be updated to the latest firmware through the router menu (C5) is the same
4. Stumble on a possible solution using unofficial firmware v1.11. To no purpose
5 Write/call in a Beeline they say the router is not supported, go to the forest.

In the end, the question is: intuition suggests that the problem is not the router (given the simplicity of the settings of its popularity and number of firmwares tried). How to make friends from Beeline to tackle the problem?
September 19th 19 at 12:41
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September 19th 19 at 12:43
the problem was solved and only a miracle:
1. directly joined on the advice of DevMan and all worked steadily :)
2. the next time you try to connect the router suddenly stopped responding DHCP
3. tried again directly connected - silence full
4. finally break through 1st line Beeline at the expense of the cherished "connect directly" and that said tech support: You now have blocked, and the reason the cliffs at GIGA II clone Mac address (another user of the Beeline rang them with the same problem and our routers have the same Mac address to appoint ). Changed the mac-adress on the router and everything flew.

This is how it happens

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