Google Talk: what to replace?

I have a day of mourning. If you used Google Talk as a primary IM, you will understand my mood. Attempts signs into gtalk after February 23, blocked. After years of battles, finally killed Google Talk for greater glory Hangouts.

Talk with their easy, reliable and unpretentious client, simple and unobtrusive interface, support for text and audio chat integration with contacts and gmail was almost a perfect tool.

Actually a question - that You moved from GTalk, of course, if You used it until now, and what are Your feelings? Interested in the experience under Windows 8 and 7, especially if there was a need to configure and explain to less experienced users (friends, parents).

I have yet to try the chrome extension for hangouts and application. More precisely, we switched to Skype as their primary voip/IM trying to configure hangouts. Under Windows, unfortunately, is quite clumsy and problematic. Fresh - extension refused this morning to join with the error "can't find DNS server" unless pereligina in gmail.
September 19th 19 at 12:42
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