Who knows www.cyclos.org/ what is this site?

According to the description on other forums, using it to create their own payment system, is that right?
September 19th 19 at 12:46
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September 19th 19 at 12:48
On this website www.cyclos.org you can download source code to create your online Bank, or online barter. This provides a great opportunity to increase the income of people, to create new jobs, to create a favorable social conditions.
This is well described in "Lectures on cooperatives," Marat Kharisov

edin.w.pw - here the best known example of practical application www.cyclos.org.
There are other sites online barter created using the tools www.cyclos.org but all of them are parasitic on targets, this can have serious economic use.

There are two completely opposite concepts: Economics and chrematistics https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Хрематистика.
Economy - economic activity for the benefit of man. Meaning, the purpose economy is people.
Chrematistics - the accumulation of wealth as an end in itself, as the ultimate goal, as the worship of profit. In the last century this has led to two world wars, fascism. At the present time, chrematistics is the cause of war in Dombas. Chrematistics anti-human in its essence. The most valuable resource in chrematistike is a fool https://youtu.be/SHu0cB77l5k

Now called chrematistics to Economics, the concept of substitute, thereby impede the understanding of the meaning of economy. In our country and in the world economic science and economic education, all replaced with chrematistics, and is covered by the word "economy".

Opportunities www.cyclos.org basically configured for chrematistics, but with some diligence tools www.cyclos.org you can apply for the organization of economic activities for the good of man that was implemented here edin.w.pw

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