Why may deteriorate encoding seringe in VK?

Salute! There is a bug that can't win: some people fly encoding when they serat the content of the site. It turns out here such: 053eaf97b0634fd7934db5dd193d7b7b.png

Key word "some" because the rest everything is OK.
Finding out the browser version/OS did not succeed – laws, I have not found.
More examples can be seen the hash tag #artchallenge in the VC.

My code:
url = "http://vk.com/share.php?url=http://artchallenge.me/?utm_source=vk-win&title="+i18n.t("shares.title",{lng window.lang})+" %23ArtChallenge&description="+i18n.t("shares.description",{lng: window.lang})+"&image=http://artchallenge.me/pics/badges/winner-badge-"+window.lang+"-shareVK.png&noparse=true"

In the end, the user is gathered here is a url where he goes:

&noparse=true at the end of the bug does not affect, it used to be without him, but the bug was, then the tech support I was advised to add it, but the situation is not changed.

Has anyone encountered similar?
September 19th 19 at 12:55
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