Where to go on the programmer?

Good day!I am a student of class 11 in this year to enter. To do the will of the programmer, want to develop in c++ and/or programming microcontrollers, although you can on something else(just anything related to development sites).And here I stand before a choice: to try to do some heavy,popular University(of type VEC or to the PS in Baumanke) or something like MIREA, where you can skip a big part of couples engaging in self-education. The choice of such were due to the fact that the Internet(including here) I read a lot about that in Russia the education is so-so,especially in the IT field.Pass the exam in physics and Informatics
September 19th 19 at 13:02
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September 19th 19 at 13:04
so for example, I finish this year, ITMO St. Petersburg, in the University receive only the base, everything else he taught. Don't think you what is taught in the University, it is a myth that applies to any University of Russian Federation :)
I think those who persist set to arrive in baumanku or VMK, do not ask such questions, these guys just study hard for 4-5 years, and then they come out with a diploma cool school.
In General, I'll tell you that in the 4 years that I'm studying at the University, and in the year that I work as a programmer, ahem, in short all I know right now is only because of work.
September 19th 19 at 13:06
College in education and employment does not solve anything. Including any foreign, except perhaps MIT.
Neither the base, nor anything else. Of course, we are not talking about some bedraggled corrupt private University, but you can use any of the regional technical University with basic it area where you'll be fucking fine. And believe me, in high school better to learn what they give, including outdated things. But self-education will be engaged in the first two years of work and life will have to do. Because of higher material makes it harder to catch up and understand, if there is nothing to do. But also not critical. Online video courses from Stanford covers many important gaps, which may not be in high school.
All solves:
1. Desire to learn: to prepare for lectures and couples, read a lot, do all the tasks.
2. The ability to absorb and to force yourself to absorb new, often very strange
3. The interest rate appears often to 4ому. But off course everything on the 2th. This manifests itself also in self-education and courses and to use the acquired knowledge in reading the forums.

Cool, if at least one or two teacher in high school practices and will be even better if they are your supervisors, but it's not critical. Because you still need just the most interested in and read it myself. So the process is built. And we're not taught to say those who with the school haven't broken up and wants something explained, and he was decided to understand it tomorrow or once again explain.

Little mathematics is needed. Everything is already decided. In the case of microcontrollers, there is generally one very specific circuit design and programming in C or Assembler less. C++ is not close. C++ is only games, operating systems and highload projects. That is a specific area with a high entry threshold.

Here we are with a colleague working in the same company, I get him anymore, he's older than me, a Manager and was previously a tester, and I'm a developer. He graduated from MIPT, I SevNTU. All that he could, so it's just a bluff to throw, he studied at MIPT, but smart enough not to do it.
Maybe for economists and important experience, in the it no. Programmers don't managery, if relatives, some to gain, and ruined is easy, therefore it is only through knowledge and honest interview.

Himself a programmer, 6 years experience, a successful interview in a European company. We have to live and work on foreigners it is more profitable (if in dollars to get), finished specialization in microcontrollers and networks, but working with the web.
Hello, I noticed that you have a lot of experience for someone who wants to connect his life with the it field. You would be very helpful, advising the UNIVERSITY. Can Skype or VK? If you are not comfortable, then tell me otpishu here. - emmanuelle_Purdy commented on September 19th 19 at 13:09
1. If the achiever, medalist, olimpiadnykh of it : baumanka or the coolest programming Saint-Petersburg state University of optics and mechanics.
Further, this MIPT or MSU. There's less practice, more fundamental Sciences. It's not bad and not good. It's just the approach. The result is equally good.

2. if a normal kid with good grades in physics-mathematics, then choose a technical College in a major city. Very well developed it novasome, they say. In Ekaterinburg, Tomsk, Novgorod. or other Moscow\neopoly St. Petersburg University.

3. you should not choose the specialty of economic Cybernetics and other nonsense. As well as the Higher school of Economics with its Yandex Department. It's all nonsense. and the HSE in General theorists.

4. The University does not solve anything really. Programming and it is primarily self-study. You have to sit at home, behind a computer and read on their own. Programming and technology in universities are not taught. Almost, unfortunately. But everything is on the Internet, most information in contrast to other specialties. The University is studying the fundamental disciplines that give. All. You never know whom you'll work. I had to design the processors and chips to develop, and write web applications. To work it is not necessary to 5 of the course. It's nonsense when they say that on the 4th all the normal work. Also after high school is a great workplace, but not lost time for the University, for fundamental things for learning all there "we have a project burning need to do."

else. Moscow University did not finish, but I'm at work there are colleagues from MIPT. A significant difference in the end, no. It all depends on you, from self-education. In other words, you can always learn and educate themselves.
There are still online courses in online universities. I recommend coursera, udacity, and stanford. I regularly watch their lectures. Very interesting and cool. - griffin.Ziemann commented on September 19th 19 at 13:12
Thank you very much. I want to be clear about the University and the profession, as don't want to spend 4-5 years there should be some benefit from it. As a physicist I'm not, of course, passed computer science with it and are going to do.
So, making a conclusion from all the above you to spend money on Commerce pointless? It is better to educate ourselves?
But what about specialty? Is there no difference? Where points allow, and to go? How does your degree with selected specialty on a job search?
(about ITMO heard, but with my mediocre scores probably won't get there)
I want to know your opinion about the new University in Innopolis, he to you? - emmanuelle_Purdy commented on September 19th 19 at 13:15
1. to sit or not will depend on you. Cool if the institution has additional 100500 different interest groups (need to ask students).
2. physics will never need. Although approaches to solving problems in programming something similar.
3. despite what Commerce is and why to go. If you have money to Commerce (parents are not poor), it is possible in the Moscow state University for Commerce, if you understand, that was not with her, say 4.5 \ 5.0 the mean scores for konkura. If the last piece to finish or have to work too hard for MSU, but could pass on the budget, for example in Novosibirsk or St. Petersburg state University, 100% not worth it. The main University that was relevant. All sorts of govnovoz type RSSU, MEI, etc. better to ignore.
4. Samobrazovaniya have to do in any case. Best the University, of applied disciplines at least 1-2 real programmer teach.
5. It often learn in one specialty but work on the other. I'm not going to write for microcontrollers, and to design the processor, we had no place, only in GMT. But I liked C# to write and then in the web. specialty type computer engineering or information systems, computer science is quite versatile. More specific robotics.
Go where the points will allow.
The diploma has no effect. We just need his presence if they want to emigrate to Canada under the program vysokotarifitsirovannyh frames. But it is necessary to you? Make 5000-6000 to pay 30% in taxes and 1500 for the hut and will remain the same 3000 that it is earned even in the office though on remote. Cheaper to live here, work in the Pindos.
Here's a good University and subject any 09.03.01: my.sibsutis.ru/applicants/abiturient/facultets
that led I would have chosen something from this, if you just want to write applications for the web, mobile or desktop.
But it does not matter.
>> the new University in Innopolis
do XS what it is.
At the University can be transferred to the budget would be if someone was thrown from the budget (to be place). I have so on the 2nd date with a classmate transferred. 5.0 was 4 sessions in a row.

If balls is mediocre - go to a normal University but not Moscow. try Peter, try the Saratov, the Tomsk, Novosibirsk. No sense of them. Bounce with MIPT and MSU with at least a prestigious diploma give, everything else for me would be sharaga noncommittal. - griffin.Ziemann commented on September 19th 19 at 13:18
September 19th 19 at 13:08
One does not replace the other.
Self-education is enough to get a job, but I, personally, regret that the time is not entered in the same baumanku.
A "basic"(read: fundamental) things, now you have to disassemble and pull yourself.

If you want the pros and hardware - I would not advise to abandon the "strong" of the University. Of course, it is possible without it, but, in my opinion, it will be heavier.
Specific will not tell, and here already unsubscribed.
September 19th 19 at 13:10
Look in the direction of the faculty of applied mathematics and control processes St. Petersburg state University - specialty in Information Technology. - there you'll be able to learn and to spend sufficient time on self-education. Will get the base is not bad, but will have to stick to teach, to explain better, if you want more.

If you want a strong base - Mat Fur of St. Petersburg state University the same, only there are so many studies have. I would even say -zadrotit, if not learn new material.

About MSK I only know that at CMC, the situation is more than similar to the situation with PM-PU and Fur-Mat is very similar to the Mat-Mekh :)
I will allow myself to comment on as a student of SPbSU:
On the PM-PU mostly do nothing, and thumps. There are many exceptions, but in General the situation is. Although this is actually a pretty good situation in order to be able to calmly educate ourselves and not to turn off their brains math.
I do not know where to VMK, but strongly suspect that something like us to Mat the Fur on SRT/PI/Metabase. As Mekh-Mat - it is rather our Chistmas and the like. - emmanuelle_Purdy commented on September 19th 19 at 13:13
Oh, let me not agree, the level of drinking for students of all departments at the same level.
Plus, this is not always drinking students are not learning, and that you know the study subjects. - griffin.Ziemann commented on September 19th 19 at 13:16
: More on the Mat the Fur enough gouging that "keep the brand" of the entire faculty, and the average PM-Lushniki still drink more often. Well, it's in my experience.
But with the second I agree. But again, in my experience, less intelligent people on average drink more) But everywhere there are exceptions. - emmanuelle_Purdy commented on September 19th 19 at 13:19
September 19th 19 at 13:12
Coolest College gives you more options, more Dating, it is easier to settle in a cool company.
September 19th 19 at 13:14
My advice,go to uni not cool,what would you he is not naregal,but technical specialty and he teach programs,take courses, etc
the University is not taught
September 19th 19 at 13:16
Not very known Russian University, but in my circles familiar to many - University ITMO
is considered a good base for the programmer, there are opportunities to obtain education as nizkourovnevoj programming microcontrollers, FPGAs and high-level
the main thing to choose the right Department and specialty

In General, it is even better to choose what you like
still cool to do what you like
So I'm going to do what I love - programming. Just can't decide where to go. I'm afraid that'll go somewhere with crappy education system that will just eat time and kill interest in the objects as it occurs in schools. - emmanuelle_Purdy commented on September 19th 19 at 13:19
September 19th 19 at 13:18
The choice of University depends on your abilities. If you olimpiadnykh and is now able to write the exam on 100 points in mathematics - Informatics-physics, it is necessary to try to enter the University abruptly. (The HSE, Moscow state University, MIPT, Bauman MSTU). If not, choose something easier, or simply will not be able to learn the material and be simply dismissed.
September 19th 19 at 13:20
Can enroll in MOTHER the direction of the applied mathematics or the direction of fundamental Informatics and information technologies.
Non-core subjects are minimized.
Philosophy, history, foreign languages and physical education mandatory in all schools.
During training, the Institute studied a large number of programming languages: pascal, C, C#, C++, Java, Python, as well teaching working with databases is a course on cryptography. Also starting with 1 course taught programming under Unix.

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