How to get rid of a bug in the filter with checkbox'ohms?

Good evening residents of the Toaster, I want to ask You to help me!

I need when clicking on All: and Completed: indicates how many tasks I added and how much was accomplished. All: I did but there is a bug in checkbox. I do not need to write a lot of text, just here is the link, feel yourself, I think You will understand!

Thank you for your attention and thanks in advance! :)

September 19th 19 at 13:10
1 answer
September 19th 19 at 13:12
If the answer is correct then mark it as answer, thanks in advance
just simply, remove one line? Damn, why is it still needed ?) - Madonna_Co commented on September 19th 19 at 13:18
Sorry, I just haven't been online! Yes, that's exactly what you need. Now I will disassemble the place where You fixed the bug! Thank you - Madonna_Co commented on September 19th 19 at 13:15
: I probably don't remember, but I think because it and perform output input:checkbox[object Object] - imelda.Wintheis commented on September 19th 19 at 13:21

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