WPF How to make the text within a DataGridRowHeader?

Need your help for WPF. There is a problem. There Is A DataGrid. I bind a DataTable to it. All data is output normally. But there is one problem. I make 0 a zero column in the DataTable to be displayed in DataGridRowHeader for each column. Also all displays. But in the zero column, the text is very long. And need to have it postponed, depending on the width of a column. But it is not tolerated. As I understand it, my problem is that I use the following code.

that is, the binding of the 0-column of a Datatable (its name is C0) c –°ontent property of the DataGridRowHeader.
I thought to solve the problem of adding a row to the set of properties DataGridRowHeader.
But I realized I just added a property to a TextBlock,which can be inside the DataGridRowHeader. Somebody tell me how to make the contents of the column fell in a TextBlock inside the properties –°ontent DataGridRowHeader element?
Well, or just how to make the header text string is transferred.
I would be very grateful))) good night Everybody!
September 19th 19 at 13:10
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