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Actually the question in the title. Interested in the same functionality - reduction, tracking of referrers, transitions, geographic transitions, nice visualization.
September 19th 19 at 13:11
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September 19th 19 at 13:13
use for your sokraschatelya in General has everything that you perechislili
for a few thousand bucks and its a beautiful write
September 19th 19 at 13:15
I would say Yes. Let me explain why. In one project, fully implemented on the principles of AJAX and CMS samopisnogo there is a problem of the adequate perception of the URL addresses of the social networks (let me clarify that I was implemented the standard addresses!naimenovaniya with the static version In some moments the same VC circumcised, all that went after the hash, and support confirmed the lack of solutions in the standard. The second problem was the inaccurate statistics from Yandex.metrics.

During a brief reflection, it was decided to establish a system of redirects in the likeness of that is, in terms of functionality the same as and

The implementation was nice to her, thereby justifying its necessity.

I note that later I was started upgrade implementation to view, but is suspended due to the closure of the project and the domain purchase was gone.

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