SVG: how can "apply" a transformation?

In the SVG code I see:
<path d="m 233.399,87.189 -2.083,-7.242 0,18.844 -5.306,0 0,2.084 7.389,0 z" fill="#636466" transform="translate(0,0.95100405)"></path>

or even
<path d="m -52.488136,66.169792 8.084922,0 0,2.946972 -8.084922,0 z" fill="#636466" transform="matrix(0.70710678,-0.70710678,0.70710678,0.70710678,0,0)"></path>

this is the transform does not let me sleep — I wish he were "applied" to the object and no as attribute, for the place in the file occupies.
I use Inkscape

Question: how to apply these same transformations?
September 19th 19 at 13:23
0 answer

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