What datacenter to choose from in Moscow?

Good evening! Please advise a good DTS in Moscow to host the server. Interested in good connectivity with regions in Russia, the server will be placed advertising system.
June 6th 19 at 15:13
5 answers
June 6th 19 at 15:15
Since in almost all regions going through RTK - no difference, filter on other criteria.
Yet here we are considering 2 options: webdc (via firstdedic) and selectel (msk), but the second is more expensive. - abdiel commented on June 6th 19 at 15:18
June 6th 19 at 15:17
Any Yes, now no DC with poor connectivity will not survive
June 6th 19 at 15:19
Recently tested https://dedic-center.ru/ Support is always place.
If suitable St. Petersburg.
Moscow needed) - abdiel commented on June 6th 19 at 15:22
June 6th 19 at 15:21
Moscow.rt.ru, Colocat.ru and not only them. But you should study reviews and ratings to see https://ru.hostings.info/hostings/rating/data-cent...
June 6th 19 at 15:23
If you need the connectivity in certain regions, it is possible in traffic exchange point to accommodate and, if necessary, of the cross-connect to nprocedure. Operators pile. Contact https://www.mixtelecom.ru

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