Home server on an Atom D425, really?

We have a vehicle which previously fulfilled the functions of the DVR, but as the need for surveillance has disappeared, and it stays idle, the idea to use it in the home network.
What advice would you give the collective mind?What OS and software to use? Maybe there is someone articles, FAQи, etc.?
Storing backups of laptops
Torrent rocking
Talovoe storage shared
Optional:(if the configuration)
Percent. intel Atom D425 1.8
HDD 500Gb
September 26th 19 at 05:59
3 answers
September 26th 19 at 06:01
But really, with the exception of the item "Mediadomain"
What software do you recommend? - Demetrius78 commented on September 26th 19 at 06:04
Use the software and OS that I know. - Reese commented on September 26th 19 at 06:07
September 26th 19 at 06:03
Atom is just a CPU =)
Then there's the chipset you need to look.

If you have Nvidia ION in there, then a mediacompany from it too. If not - it will not work. And the rest will run on any basin.
Thank you look, honestly I don't know what's the chipset. - Demetrius78 commented on September 26th 19 at 06:06
September 26th 19 at 06:05
According to your requirements needs to pull everything except video editing.

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