What configuration storage system to choose for different tasks?

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Tell me what the configuration of the storage system (storage system) are used for different tasks?
1. Under storage file storage:
- what is the interface connecting to servers to choose iSCSI, FC, SAS?
- which HDD is better suited SAS/SATA, 7.2/10/15K or SSD?
- what RAID to collect? or use several different arrays?
2. Storage system for DBMS
the issues are the same as those in claim 1
3. Storage for backup
the issues are the same as those in claim 1
4. Storage for use in virtualization
the issues are the same as those in claim 1

Well, more justification will be, the easier I will understand ))
September 26th 19 at 06:36
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September 26th 19 at 06:38
The answers to these questions imho there is no planned load profile.

Please wean from the use of Russian abbreviations.
What is a san and nas know all. Storage personally, I had to Google.
Maybe we can share examples of decisions with which they were dealing with? - thaddeus.Batz commented on September 26th 19 at 06:41
September 26th 19 at 06:40
Without the stress tips to be wide of the mark. At the same filopovic can be as the cheapest solution on 5400 and SATA option from RAID to SSD.
For DBMS personally, my experience has proven to be good solutions by combining several SAS15K / SSD as a hardware cache, but again under some kind of load (80%R/20% W) innodb file per table, heavy queries, for the other case there are other options. A hot database backup is similar (distributed RAID 1, 10, 50 ,60 LUNов its own specificity) , the cold backup put the cheapest I found within the desired reliability, i.e. either SAS or 10K SATA 5400, usually in RAID 10 or 50 (if you are using a classic RAID and not LUNы). Virtualization for small containers well show yourself or the SSD option in the medium to large container like a hybrid DBMS. Give a specific case can be discussed.
September 26th 19 at 06:42
the decisions that I personally have seen, are different, and not all - good. Depends on the dough, a dedicated engineer, or the equipment that he had. To work, it will be all in different variations. Storage for garbage - again what are the requirements for access can be anything, but I would choose FC/SAS 10-15k for large and loaded with garbage, and for a small fine and SATA. Need for backup reliability and recovery time. It's safest to keep the tape libraries, by the way. For Virt can flasharray. But it all depends on TK and money. Something like that.

Look for the article, which compares the performance of different configs (there's also usually recommended, which under the trash and which under Wirth).

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