What criteria should be taken into account when calculating the hosting for a website with the video contest?

The site will be a page with a video contest (voting from social networks)
Participants will upload videos to the site.

You need to estimate the iron and how much it will cost:
1) rent a server (and what is better iron dedicated server, VDS)
2) buy a server

You need to understand what are the criteria and how to calculate the load, given the characteristics associated with a video.
Maybe we need more than one server?
On what kind of load you can expect this serwaczak?
2 x Intel Xeon 5130 2 GHz / 8GB DDRII / 4 x 160GB SATA

To save on hosting got an idea to beat this upload by users on YouTube and adding links to the site, which takes place in the frame. What are the pros and cons compared to the option of direct download on your server?
September 26th 19 at 07:00
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September 26th 19 at 07:02
if the placement of the video on youtube, then you the usual vds enough.
and if you upload videos to your hosting, here is a video forces your server and heavy traffic ... and a lot of extra movements.
The resource-intensive will - convert video downloaded format web formats at different quality. And the width of the channel. For example, 100 people watching movie in HD quality.
so it is completely 2 different approach, both in cost and implementation.

I would advise to start with a cheap vds + fill on youtube and all.

taken from youtube for the sample taken www.youtube.com/watch?v=I41CX0RdmPQ
the video in 1080HD quality on 1 person to 15Мбит/s at the peak load

correctly noted that if we increase the channel up to 1TB/s then we'll hit the screws and stuff ....

so either on his website, only poor quality, or to give youtubу
There is a channel 100Mbit/s.
100 people watching the movie in HD what channel is needed for this? - nicola.Bahringer commented on September 26th 19 at 07:05
open YouTube and start any video in 1080p ... and the severing properties ... and see what we consume 10 Mbit/c .... accordingly, 10 people with HD will clog all traffic to server. - Hardy_Luettgen48 commented on September 26th 19 at 07:08
worse. to take a server with a Gigabit channel is not the problem. but at the same time You will crash the file system, because regular hard drives can't give the data with such speed. here it is necessary to comprehensively approach the issue. In General history with video is very resource intensive. - Savanna_Keeble commented on September 26th 19 at 07:11
Several at a time the beholder is a random read (head disk there-here). SATA drives under it's poorly designed. With an external raid controller memory 4 disks in raid0 150 MB/s ceiling. No raid controller is unlikely to reach 100 MB/s. - Destany.Mosciski91 commented on September 26th 19 at 07:14
September 26th 19 at 07:04
Complement the answer is a little common sense:

How to evaluate such things:
You need to neatly write out all the functionality which is the place to be in the service.
In your case, this video upload, resize, store, view, likes, etc
To estimate the average and peak number of events of each type per second/hour/day/month.
To estimate the load on the processor, network, hard drive, memory for 1 event of each type.
To assess the planned lifetime of this architecture

Multiply the number and to the objective requirement of the resource.

Make an assessment on the number of events at least - then it will be possible that to advise You.

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