Yandex diagram of recipes how to do it properly?

Did everything as described, it turns out this result

1) Why recipeInstruction empty?
HTML like this:
that is, the text is precisely there, in the tags
2) Where did the "mandatory" field description? in the specification it is not.

From Google it better: but the result aimed at Yandex, so the question arises
September 26th 19 at 07:02
1 answer
September 26th 19 at 07:04
Even the official example of this validation does not pass (under the input field url, you can click "recipe"). The description field is not even in the description of microdata recipes from Yandex. Judging by the error, it is not to the recipes true, and to the newly introduced "Islands".
@qwer that is, just have to wait for indexing and hope that everything is fine? - ezra.Streich commented on September 26th 19 at 07:07
And the second question is clear. And empty recipeInstruction, which is the official example is parsed normally, with him what to do? - ezra.Streich commented on September 26th 19 at 07:10
with recipeInstructions don't know. On an empty or missing tag, the validator complains. So content he sees; she sees, and why not displays is another question. Try removing all spaces and line breaks between the opening tag and the beginning of the content.

As for the warning — this is not a bug, it's a warning. And it is about the Island. You can knock the technical support and update. You can leave as is. And you can add some description there. - Lilly12 commented on September 26th 19 at 07:13

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