How to create a network bridge for the guest of axes(XEN, CentOS)?

Hello. Asking for help in creating a network bridge. A week in agony trying to get the result, have read neither 1 dozen manuals but no result(
And so have a CentOS 6.5 minimal, Linux 3.10, Xen 4.4
Axis guest Windows Server 2012 R2.
dhcp and dns server individually.
network dhcp/dns
In fact, the task would be that the access gateway had both the hypervisor and the guest axis.
Tried to put the minimum in order not to clutter the hypervisor... connected via ssh. Did not configure and managed via xm. Recently put libvirt and trying to manage through virsh
created bridge br0 iptables all the time setting turned off in the config winsrv indicated the name of the script network-bridge, I specified the ip....
no result(
In a guest axis pinguy the hypervisor or gateway, the result is destination host unreachable.
Tried to register routes, as it is in the manual came across...
So as not to understand what kind of interfaces are created vif2.0 and vif2.0-emu at the start of a guest axis.
In General, I'm confused how can I make the bridge and what it really needs.
September 26th 19 at 07:08
1 answer
September 26th 19 at 07:10
Problem still solved... although to be honest I do not understand how, once again, went through the config and it worked.... I just made a Bridge on eth0 specified it in the config of the guest, and the script for network-bridge.... and now it works... I don't know what to say, perhaps my hands of assholes....
As for libvirt, xl, xm.... it's all tools to work with the hypervisor and xm and libvirt (virsh) compatible, unlike xl....
I think I'll stop at xm or libvirt, xl seems buggy, although it Paideia need to use to be able to use the virtio driver, which is faster than normal emulation input / output....
I hope this butthurt has helped someone....

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