Move down the menu items, how to fix?

Immediately give a link to the code:
When you hover over menu items, they've moved several pixels to the right. How can I make it remain in place?
September 26th 19 at 07:15
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September 26th 19 at 07:17
To use the font-weight for active links only if the right is worth nothing or is set to a fixed width. All other options, including the letter-spacing is a very tricky options are very system-dependent.
The issue can be solved with js, but doing this with js is not recommended, it is better to talk with the designer.
I'm talking about too, but if I really need that ls is the best way out, but on the other hand, I would ask them a fixed width, as the menu is probably not great. And so these designers better not to keep and layouts from them not to take - Sandy.Casper97 commented on September 26th 19 at 07:20
September 26th 19 at 07:19
ask clear width or to supply them with letter-spacing is negative when pointing or positive under normal condition
fu - Sandy.Casper97 commented on September 26th 19 at 07:22
any other suggestions? present... I'd be doing it via ls, but certainly not width. But if this is a dumb designer that will make - keith_Lemke52 commented on September 26th 19 at 07:25
September 26th 19 at 07:21
If you are not afraid of superfluous markup, you can do so

It creates another block with the already bold text, and then just disappears.

You can still here the option of using the additional attribute and pseudo-element
September 26th 19 at 07:23
a {
text-decoration: none; /* Removes underline for links */
a:hover {
text-decoration: underline; /* Add the underline when you hover on the link */

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