How to use Sublime 3 2 CSScomb for SASS?

Recently released new, 3rd version of CSScomb. The developers say that there is support for sass.
Tell me, did someone use CSScomb Sublime 2 for sass projects? If so, how?

Node installed .csscomb.json is, in the normal css files, the sorting is done well, but in sass, nothing happens. The error is not popping up
September 26th 19 at 07:18
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September 26th 19 at 07:20
The support really is.

First we need to install syntax highlighting for SCSS and SASS(depending on what you use)

Then go to Sublime Text -> Preferences -> Browse Packages and open the file Packages/CSScomb/

There are looking for a method get_syntax(self) and seeking the condition for SASS, if not - add:
if self.is_sass():
 return 'sass'

Same for SCSS:
if self.is_scss():
 return 'scss'

Also check for methods
is_sass(self) and is_scss(self)
If not, add:
def is_sass(self):
 return self.view.settings().get('syntax').endswith('/Sass.tmLanguage')

def is_scss(self):
 return self.view.settings().get('syntax').endswith('/SCSS.tmLanguage')

Save the file.
After that everything should work.
And do not forget to choose the right syntax for files.

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