Google Merchant Wallet — what if you specify the method of payment later?

In development for Android I am a newbie, have a few questions:

1. Google Wallet Merchant I have not yet attached a payment method, but money for downloading are already present. If I "connect" a Bank card to the account, say, a month, the money received earlier is not lost? The total income in your wallet is not specified, just hangs, the message "this account doesn't have a valid payment method. Enter it to get paid."

2. In the "seller settings" you need to specify the e-mail address and zip code. To whom these data are visible (that is, if you specify false)? The words "public profile" a little alarming.
September 26th 19 at 07:25
1 answer
September 26th 19 at 07:27
1. if I am not mistaken nothing to worry about.
2. you saw scum data from sellers ?

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