How to choose the language for the simple server?

Good time of day!

I came up with the idea to own a small little project.
All the team members except the one who will deal with the backend.

To find it, we first need to choose what language will be the server, but unfortunately, I do not rummage.

Hence the question:
What language is better suited for creating servers?

1. there will be one database and all api requests essentially it wrappers to query this database
2. clients web application, andoid and ios (possibly wp in the future, the desktop version will not)
3. the maximum possible narzuca - 50 requests per second

While this is all information that I possess

I would be very grateful for a small explanation why (maybe even not much difference).
September 30th 19 at 23:32
2 answers
September 30th 19 at 23:34
language you should choose
1) ability to implement the necessary functionality to make it work in server mode.
2) from the possibility of creating a hosting vozmozhnostyu using the selected technologies.
3) from the presence of experts in solving issues of the incurred when using these technologies.

When you Excel in a banal will be a sign of hosts, their capabilities, a DBMS and a couple of parameters which I pointed out( but to you they may arise), then the selected result, we need to look not even a language but a means of solving this problem. with a special desire and limited opportunities to realize them is not difficult on any quickbasic or "bezjazykov" shilovskoe environment bash.
thank you!
will do so - lisa.Corwin91 commented on September 30th 19 at 23:37
September 30th 19 at 23:36
If you want to quickly and easily find a specialist, and in the future not to suffer with support - choose php.
Language is well established, it is known to all thin places and the nuances of the application is well massturbate, with hosting no problem.
For REST applications, there are ready frameworks.

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