How to securely store the key encfs in Dropbox, YandexDisk, etc?

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From the description EncFS on Wikipedia:
Files are encrypted with a key that is in turn stored in the same directory as the encrypted files, in encrypted form. The password entered by the user from the keyboard, used to decrypt this key.

The encrypted folder is in the cloud. Let's say anonymous took control of the key. Really magical way to get the password and decrypt the files?
October 1st 19 at 02:19
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October 1st 19 at 02:21
You can store the settings file .encfs6.xml on a local disk, for example, and mount the repository as follows:
ENCFS6_CONFIG=/path/to/encfs6.xml encfs /path/to/encrypt /path/to/decrypt

If such option is eliminated, can add complexity to the cracker's analysis of the data using the --anykey option, when one encfs directory you can store an unlimited number of files (sets of files), each of which is encrypted with a unique password.

And so, encfs enough vulnerabilities and weaknesses without your passphrase. Here are the results of the latest security auditing:
October 1st 19 at 02:23
If your password is less entropy than the key, then selecting the password to get to your data.
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