As habré to use English quotation marks in the title of the post?

I want to write a new article on the subject of Java programming. In the title I want to specify the code and I think it's a good title for an article. The name is -
Q. out("str") instead of System.out.println("str") and other small amenities

However Habra deliberately replace English quotes in Russian, and it hurts the eyes, as syntactically incorrect.

And the name I want to leave that way. Tell me what to do? Or write Russian quotes (there must be a reason), or in Habra somehow possible to insert English, or at worst to just write Q. out instead of System.out.println?
October 2nd 19 at 15:12
2 answers
October 2nd 19 at 15:14
Have you tried to use apostrophes? You can also "replace with' and '
October 2nd 19 at 15:16
From the point of view of SEO by the way a terrible title. I would advise to find another.

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