Why not scanned a large library in mpd on the Raspberry Pi?

Run mpd server on the raspberry pi (not overclocked, distro - volumio 1.1 beta , the heir of raspyfi), clings to the raspberry USB the screw on 1TB full of music (MP3 64кбс to Harisov of lossless 24\192). When trying to update the database of the dis thinks for ten minutes, then the update completes, and the database appears not all music (62 alphabetically first artist is ~70гб, 505 4900 folders and files) and the navigation occurs without brakes and everything plays fine.

Is it possible to do something so the music was played from around the screw? Ideally - is it possible to teach mpd to play without a database just using the file system as xbmc, for example?
October 2nd 19 at 16:08
0 answer

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