How to choose a laptop "for parents"?

It was created like that.
There was an imminent domestic covered with a copper basin their laptop is a dinosaur. Asked me to look up something for the house. I use the Macs last 8 years, so when I saw the variety of Win-books on the market - I have simply dropped his hands. For SIM ask the advice of Gabriela.

So the windows platform
15-17 inches
Money 15 - 20 000

Thank you all in advance for your advice!
October 3rd 19 at 01:19
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October 3rd 19 at 01:21
Choice Win laptops 15-17 inches so broad as to advise some very difficult. Their taste and color in every store enough. That is how to advise the microwave, store in your desired model may not be, but you will in any case find an identical counterpart in every store. You just need to come in the computer shop and see - you'll like it. Even if someone say that HP XXX Timeline U 777 great laptop, in the store in your city it will be with a small probability, but the exact same laptop from another company would be in this store for sure. We're not talking about an expensive laptop for professionals, we're talking about a traditional notebook, which is filled with shops. I have over 33 thousand RUB 13' laptop, I'm working on it, before even playing, can watch movies, but I'm not talking about what he was powerful, and about the fact that why parents of 15-17 inches, it's not your Mac that you use for work. If I have enough 13 inch for work, I don't think your parents are more demanding of the size of the screen. So do not try to choose the 15+ screens. The resolution I have 1366x768 by the way, what for the Internet, films (and I have to work) is enough. But it's up to you. Good luck.
PS And if you take a laptop with the hope that they will use touchscreen, the price plays a huge role. In cheap low-quality laptops such terrible touch-screens are, if you try to use the laptop with the same specifications 20-30 10-15 thousand, and the difference is noticeable at first touch.
About the windows I wanted to add. I have a friend, his sister, who only plays 1-2 games the rest of the time sits on the Internet or watching cartoons installed instead of win, as their computer Linux system, specifically Ubuntu latest. I can only say that she is still happy to use the system and is surprised that linux does not need a hacked antivirusnik, constant cleaning of the computer to make it not lag after a few months of work and other things. That is, if your parents just sit in the Internet, the ideal option is not to spoil their nerves is to put Ubuntu. If you need Word documents, then ubuntu got all the tools to do this and identical free software that even allow you to keep the file format as if they were created on Windows. In stores you can find laptops without predustanovlena windows, this will allow you to save some money and pay them better for the laptop, not the OS. Good luck.
October 3rd 19 at 01:23
I recently bought the parents a laptop Lenovo G780 (17", 1600x900, Core i3, 4GB, GeForce GT635M, 500GB HDD) for 18K. The laptop is very fast, the father loves to drive in NFS MW, so I got it with this video card, it is enough. The screen is nice, keyboard is very good, one of the best in cheap laptops. And the laptop is very light, almost weightless for its size.
I was very pleased with the laptop, as well as parents.
October 3rd 19 at 01:25
Very good ratio price/quality laptops from Lenovo (15.6 and 17.3), the more configurations a great many. In family 3 notebook Lenovo different years (1, 3 and 5 years) - serve properly, no complaints.
October 3rd 19 at 01:27
Lenovo is 15.6" on a pentium or i3 (depending on budget). Took my father - good cars; from well-known brands fancy the most for your money (12 000). It so happened that I myself ibm/lonovo-VOD with experience, but in the study of the market were competitors in the sector lenova almost there.
October 3rd 19 at 01:29
If the parents are no longer young and has vision like an eagle, you will first choose a laptop with a large screen, the remaining options will be clearly better than a dead computer. If the parents are not on you computer, you should not listen to hardcore Linux users and put all sorts of Ubuntu.

Iron in any case it is better to take the average, the probability of failure from overheating and TP will be Nida.

This problem can be only with the new 8 vindry, it is shoved everywhere and retrain a bunch of people can vpemeni to take.

Well advised to think about a tablet, it can be quite a worthy replacement
October 3rd 19 at 01:31
I chose the Toshiba Satellite C870-D8W mouse Rapoo 1090p.
Everybody liked everything except Windows 8.
This is some spectacularly inconvenient, incomprehensible, unpredictable braking premise.
By itself, the laptop is very nice - appearance, weight, battery, screen, sound - all on the level.
Used mostly as a TV for IPTV as a video player for plasma.

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