The relationship of mathematics and coding

I recently started programming (or rather just started to read a book about C# Herbert Shildt), he is now studying in third year psychology. Since this area seems to me extremely interesting, but difficult, I decided to find out from those more savvy in this respect people - how should be my skills in mathematics are high that this activity had at least some sense? What types of problems and formulas out of mathematics do I need to know, and what you can skip?
October 3rd 19 at 01:26
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October 3rd 19 at 01:28
It depends what you want to solve - if you create tests in psychology with answers, print the PDF file from the raw data, compile reference materials, a notebook that math is not really necessary if it's for yourself and will not grow, if a CAD system, a 3d analysis of the data, then Yes, mathematics is needed.
And this type of activity in any case it will make sense
October 3rd 19 at 01:30
As a minimum, all of the discrete mathematics and linear algebra. Looking for what you need is programming.
This applies to any language or directly to c#? - carol_Lang commented on October 3rd 19 at 01:33
It refers generally to the ability to build algorithms and programs based on them. This is the main skill, languages, programming is just a way of expressing this logic (and all natural languages) - weldon.DuBuque71 commented on October 3rd 19 at 01:36
That is a much more logical it would now deal directly with the study of mathematics, not language, I take it? - carol_Lang commented on October 3rd 19 at 01:39
basic mathematical concepts such as relational algebra, but you have to understand that it is an abstraction, and they MAY, but need not conform to real-life tasks or programming - abelardo_Nader25 commented on October 3rd 19 at 01:42
in principle, it is logical to study on the basis of applications. Although now in standard libraries of modern JAPANESE is already the most popular tasks done and everything else is already written in plug-ins and personal use that to be missed. So if you're not going to do it very seriously (to the extent that the profession will change in the future). For reference, everyone's favorite Paul actually graduated from the Philological. Although this is without considering the fact that his brother is the God of math and computer science. - weldon.DuBuque71 commented on October 3rd 19 at 01:45
it sounds reasonable) in General programming is good, but in case of problems, refer to the basics, that is, to mathematics!))) - carol_Lang commented on October 3rd 19 at 01:48
October 3rd 19 at 01:32
The essence of the thing.
Let's say you have a business challenge (business in the broadest sense, that is, in generalized human-friendly terms). You want to program. If you have metaport for her - you can shift it to JAPANESE and always be sure it is performed correctly. If your code hack shit and sticks not malaparte - you can't be sure of the correctness of its work.
harsh, but fair ;-) - carol_Lang commented on October 3rd 19 at 01:35
just about the YAP did not understand - weldon.DuBuque71 commented on October 3rd 19 at 01:38
the programming language - carol_Lang commented on October 3rd 19 at 01:41
October 3rd 19 at 01:34
The knowledge of mathematics outside the school course, would be useful, even very good, but not necessary. To learn to program it is possible and without it, if necessary, tightening the math in parallel.
I do believe that in the modern world in schools and universities( the first course) have plenty of replace tasks on the creation of programs at least in the same MatLab. Well, that is not the calculator was ,of course, but working module) - carol_Lang commented on October 3rd 19 at 01:37
And I am sure that universities of the Russian Federation, except for some living in the 80 95х the last century. Most useful in high school for me were mathematics and philosophy (philosophy is not about Kant and Durham, and research), gave some more electronics. - weldon.DuBuque71 commented on October 3rd 19 at 01:40
October 3rd 19 at 01:36
Hmm... If for psychology, then I think we should look first for work Ostapenko R. I. - Mathematical principles of psychology - 2010 - Voronezh state University psychological. Since I'm not a psychologist, I can't evaluate it objectively, but it seems quite normal and simple. Also pay attention to the area of social forecasting and statistics.

If not for work in the field, then just search "How to become a programmer?", well, on a seed recent question about IT books
thank you, the list is extremely interesting and instructive advice) I Love this service!!! - carol_Lang commented on October 3rd 19 at 01:39
October 3rd 19 at 01:38
In General, I think math teaches us to solve problems. No matter what field your job is in psychology, construction or architecture. The ability to find the most correct (true) solution actually, it will determine the success in this area.
October 3rd 19 at 01:40
For example, I as an economist have studied statistics, combinatorics, game theory and differential count. Should I learn some mathematics? Still teach C#.
as I understand everything depends on the purposes which you put before programming. I want to do serious things, so that without mathematics nowhere. I partially also passed all of these topics in our short course of Economics and mathematics, for me as special promotions they will not give (though certainly better than only school program) - carol_Lang commented on October 3rd 19 at 01:43
IMHO it would be useful to study graph theory. Give a boost in solving typical programming tasks. - weldon.DuBuque71 commented on October 3rd 19 at 01:46
I look to study Business Intelligence and certificates Microsoft. All of this development and database management. C# began to teach, hoping to "train" the brain. I'm unlikely to become a programmer, as there is no need education and experience. In mathematics there is no time,but if you try,you can find. - carol_Lang commented on October 3rd 19 at 01:49
Can you advise a book on mathematics for home study? I have problems with it never was neither in school nor in University. - abelardo_Nader25 commented on October 3rd 19 at 01:52
Mathematics for home study - is a strong word... the Main thing is try to find an injection point is studied in their work, otherwise it's empty. In General, you can take something like "a Quick reference to mathematics. For applicants and students" Olga Sudana Ed:"Peter", I think there's the bare minimum of what you need to understand and know at least a pocket dictionary. Things were not complex and you can understand even with the Wiki without any additional books, most importantly to experience (to create your own mental cast, the frame memory) and slowly begin to apply. It is very important to ask yourself questions and answer them in the process. In General mathematics is very abstract and serious about their use and understanding, so rarely anyone can well study without application to their field of use... - weldon.DuBuque71 commented on October 3rd 19 at 01:55
@business-gl I am a proponent of learning and I think that much can be learned independently, would be the ability sidepost and desire. Thanks for the advice! - carol_Lang commented on October 3rd 19 at 01:58
Self-study is good and important. You can tell even more you need to learn always in process of forces and possibilities, but it is not always necessary to learn everything. Also do not lock Masters are often not spending forces will be able to give an insider that dragged from neophyte to senior apprentice faster than you can blink (but it is the Master, not just a specialist, and only where possible). Several important platitudes:
  • The student becomes the Master only after you surpass your Master in direct combat.
  • The wizard is also growing and take on a new strap.
  • Master to others can be receiving recognition from other artists
PS it should be understood that the concept of the Master bit allegorical in my speech and related martial arts and also the frames are blurred, and should focus not on any certificates and awards (which are often not objective). - carol_Lang commented on October 3rd 19 at 02:01
Forgive not once thought that Podkamennaya may not handle tags - carol_Lang commented on October 3rd 19 at 02:04
@business-gl self-learning the main problem is the lack of a mentor. Therefore, the time for understanding complex problems stretched. How to do this yet. - abelardo_Nader25 commented on October 3rd 19 at 02:07
October 3rd 19 at 01:42
I think that all the knowledge of mathematics will not be superfluous, but nevertheless can be quite successful to develop in this area without having the crust of the mathematical faculty. I want to ask you, as a future psychologist: and you are not able to recommend any books on this subject, not only with intensive study and a strong theory, but rather journalism. Like books Perelman in mathematics and physics?)
With joy! Read a small collection of the works of Freud, it is written in a very simple and easy, reads like a storybook. It is also worth to pay attention to Irivine of aloma and Oliver sacks (they are more modern, but write as well in the form of stories).
Finally, you can look David Meyers ' "Social psychology" (it is more teoretiziruya, but more informative). - carol_Lang commented on October 3rd 19 at 01:45

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