How to communicate with the remote sales Manager?

The essence of the following. Registered as an LLC, want to find sales Manager from another city. Hire there "controlling" does not want, office do not want to take. Just ask the Manager a good percentage for independence. For all the time anybody about the office didn't ask and no one came. Develop sites. Question: how to interact with him? Do you think whether people will go for this job? Does he like to throw?
October 3rd 19 at 01:45
2 answers
October 3rd 19 at 01:47
on Skype
many regional studios have such managers in Moscow
I don't see how he can throw
work under the contract, if the work done and no payment into court
how do you mean Scam then?
October 3rd 19 at 01:49
I do not see obstacles - if you're looking for, you might find person who can deal with such work. Make a contract with him and work.
As it You will throw? Well, except that will find a good customer and will merge it to other developers or myself try to do, giving the order to freelancers.
But if You keep him will pretend he has no idea what kind of client is it and will say that wasn't working with him. This is more depends on the person.

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