How to choose an MV* Javascript framework for the given conditions?

Good afternoon.
Comparative review I read on Habrahabr and other third-party sites, looked, but because JS solutions no experience, I can't decide.

Need help choosing a JS framework to write the following single page application (example exaggerated for understanding):
1. RESTful API
2. The page has the calendar for each day you can create an entity (event) that actually contained in the database, and that the main work is done.
3. Calendar you can scroll in any direction, either bottom to create as many entities, and everything must immediately be synchronized with the server.
4. In addition to working with Calendar and entities for days, other functionality is minimal (the settings page and a couple of dialog boxes)

That is, we have 1 table for the desired entity, for example Events. And one Users table.

While stopped the choice on Backbone.js. Not overkill it?

Another important point: in the examples viewed after the page loads, Backbone GET request initialisere their models. Is it possible to initialize this array without further request by embedding it (the array) when you load in the page code. If Yes - is this normal?
Thank you.

October 3rd 19 at 01:48
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October 3rd 19 at 01:50
From personal experience the implementation of the Rich-frontends can say that there are a few important things about which often forget in the backbone-like frameworks are often observed memory leaks in intensive uploading / updating of content. It was the experience of realizatsii projects where "all in one JS and html file" in the literal sense, update content in real time via and there's a memory leak was the main problem.

Tried knockout, ember, meteor, spine, backbone... but best of all in this regard showed Angular, although the principles and the rendering speed in it yet leave much to be desired. There is light at a minimum of 2-3 fork (remake) backbone which are designed to save your ancestor from leaks.

From the story: twitter somehow realized its service in a similar way, through time they had to break all pages, that would force the garbage collection.

Here in rest interfaces I most care about right now is the lack of proper support for http cache tag support if-modified-since and etags.
The fact that there is ... there restangular and it's very raw. The built-in angular resource module is very badly cut, and he specifically lacks features, but for your tasks should suffice.

I'm not sure that angular is a reasonable choice in the case of single-page, you may want to look in the direction of spine + handlebars / jade.

Some complain about the high entry threshold angular, though it seemed to me that everything is pretty simple and the documentation is pretty good. He seemed even easier Backbone. But the taste and color...
Thank you for your detailed and good answer. To answer you a little earlier, perhaps my choice would fall on the Spine, but I've started to do on the Backbone. I have a fairly simple single page application, but at the same time, which may not close far more than one day. View, as there is a memory leak will be. - camren76 commented on October 3rd 19 at 01:53
Memory leaks problems in the most simple tasks in a vacuum no. Spine + handlebars will work as well as Backbone. - london.Sipes commented on October 3rd 19 at 01:56
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