A webcast of the seminar. How to do it?

Hello, people.
Received an assignment to calculate the cost in the future to bring to the finish the live webcast of the seminar.
Sorry, never did like the things, so knowledge is low. Google search anything sensible did not give.
That is:
Wi-Fi, space, video camera Sony NEX-VG30EН, stuffed with a good desktop computer without the extra bells and whistles as the TV tuner etc.
Events are planned for 50 people (online person at 100 in the beginning, then we'll see). The wireless microphone is necessary in the form of petelicki.
The workshops will be paid, so the online stream should not be shared and it is highly desirable, in HD quality.

Thank you.
October 3rd 19 at 01:55
2 answers
October 3rd 19 at 01:57

Has been recently a similar question. Here here can see the answers.

October 3rd 19 at 01:59

Not quite what I need. The responses represented only a platform for presentations, but what about everything else?

Reply with a comment to post, so I will notice to come. And if again not here and did not know that you replied. Now on the topic. Here http://habrahabr.ru/post/161783/ very well describes your problem with the use of opensource. There is also a link on the wiki where there is a description of all solutions on this topic. Regarding equipment, everything that the computer will be able to determine as a webcam and a microphone. - Denis commented on October 3rd 19 at 02:02

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