Receiving funds on the site and sending money to other people with the retention of fee — PayPal, 2Checkout? Taxes VC?

Hi all.

We made a site where we act as intermediaries, that is, people will create their own electronic products (can't reveal what it is, for example, take a theme for WordPress or e-book) and sell them to other people.

We will charge a fee of N% of the value of the goods. The remaining amount of course we should send the man who created and sold electronic goods.

I'm curious to know how to do it all legally in Russia.

It is planned that authors will be from Russia, from USA\Europe.

As you know, without a Business Account and IE (or OOO) - PayPal will block the personal account because of the frequent movements of funds (payments to authors of electronic goods).

We found the following options:
1) to Receive all payments via PayPal Business Account, then forward the royalties to the PayPal account of the person (physical entity), and our Commission to withdraw to the Bank account of IP and to pay taxes.

2) Receive payments through 2Checkout, then withdraw money at the expense of IE and then have some way to send money to authors (Bank or PayPal).
It is not known just how with this send other people and also to pay 6% taxes on the whole amount, but only from our Commission.

Maybe someone knows how to organize such a system right? How to make sending money to the authors of the electronic goods?
October 3rd 19 at 01:56
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October 3rd 19 at 01:58

In my opinion, option two:

1) Take the system of taxation "Income minus expenses", from "authors" to take the documents confirming that they have received the money (receipt, invoice, etc) to have Your accountant was able to write off all this expenditure. So you will pay 15% of that juice.
- cheat can as though, at least for a specific product even on a particular seller.
- Your kitchen, % cheating, etc. more secure from prying eyes, but sometimes very useful.
- sell mono to all, the main thing was the documents on the "what" You sell.
- this scheme, from the point of view, more convenient, as at the same time, a good accountant will also optimization of tax base and deductions to hold.
- not so many papers as you can, for example, in the first embodiment. Also, you should not experience any difficulties with the documents. Invoice, for a long time, for our tax not new (it is not necessary two copies of the same contract, for example).
- 15%(!), all with the same accountant, it is better to sit and count how much it is beneficial to Your option.

2) Sign an Agency agreement, to specify conditions on which You are working. Then, the amount of fees You will need to provide the Agency report: You will make up and sign it will be "authors".
- will pay 6% of the profits.
- accounting operations will be less, will not have parallel weight optimization in order to beat amount %`tov spent on taxes.
- if Your "authors" abroad - will be quite troublesome to resolve issues with the documents, will have two of everything in two languages, in this connection, the load will grow from a legal perspective.
- accountant to serve all of this will not too much, if the tax is to ask in the style of: "what is it, and what it is, and that's why so, etc."
documents will need to hold a lot.
- trading can only according to the scheme of work of the agent.

Thanks for the reply. But that's exactly true even for electronic goods? That is, we sell theme for WordPress for $10, we took a $ 4 Commission and 6 sent the author... And every author will have so many operations carried out? - amara.Johnson commented on October 3rd 19 at 02:01
Yes. Of course, you can do everything without documentation, but then You get into a situation where You will have to ask - and You will not be able to confirm or what the receipts of money (and expenses, if need be), then You just all the income will count and all. Will pay taxes on everything that came into Your account, to be exact - with the fact that will show accountant. It all just seems scary and huge, when all will be debugged - will work like a clock. We have a travel company, everything is on the agent to stay, we just have a bunch of documents comes in the mail (real mail of the Russian Federation), letters received print signature set, send back the copy. - fanny commented on October 3rd 19 at 02:04
Nicholas, you described the ways have a place, provided that all other than the buyer are legal entities or individual entrepreneurs. The difficulty is that in this situation, the sellers do not even have IE. Therefore, even when using an Agency contract or a Commission agreement, or royalties — you are required to withhold and pay personal income tax, and the most vile......contributions to the funds (FSS, PFR). So the author you'll have plenty to Tinker (FSS, PFR). The end result is that for each ruble received at the hands of the author, you will have to pay about 40 cents(13копеек sort by the author). If it is all under the law. To pay money to private persons is always red tape, but if it has to be automated and legally it is sooooo hard. Does anyone have any idea? - vidal69 commented on October 3rd 19 at 02:07
I had in mind. Under the Agency agreement, you can work with a private individual - by his signature in the report of the agent - will carry the same validity if the contract. What You have described, that You just deployed said that will make an accountant, when working with private traders. Moreover, with private companies, an accountant may issue in such a way that You will not have to pay contributions to the pension Fund, but it is a partial solution to "hemorrhoids". Now can't exactly say how does an accountant from the us on vacation, but if necessary I will specify. - fanny commented on October 3rd 19 at 02:10
specify required. seriously. How many accountants have many opinions. Maybe there really is some kind of loophole. - vidal69 commented on October 3rd 19 at 02:13
I know :) - fanny commented on October 3rd 19 at 02:16
I now read about what was going on. We are with You, since I went more relevant to the business theme of avoiding payment of contributions, strongly went to the side and went on the wrong track. Look back to what I wrote in one of two ways. In the first variant of the service buys the author property in something specific for the money, and then sells them for a profit - there is no problem. No one, nor any fees are not paid. All the confusion in the second scheme agent. We've strayed from the path that You raised the issue of the payment of personal income tax, etc. BUT(!) "author" (the one who made that sells the service) - he's not an agent! It is not, it takes the Commission - our goal is to earn a Commission and to fix it. Remember how are realtors. Real estate companies do not pay any premiums for the citizens whose apartments were sold. I originally wrote that the service acts as an agent and the transaction has a Commission. This is what happens from the point of view of the law: "the author" has done the content and want to sell it. "Service", says I'm good, I'll do it cooler than you. They enter into a contract of Agency in which "service" is the buyer, and "leads" to "author" - happens deal. The deal, in fact, takes place between "author" and the buyer. "Service" here the intermediary. Who gave the money and how "the author" - already no one cares. Paid author from this tax or not is purely up to him. "Service" is also important to record the fact that the money which passed through him - he does not belong, and this is an Agency agreement and an Agency report which said that the "transaction amount" does not belong "to survice", and "service" belongs only to "the Commission", the terms of which are specified in the contract. And Agency report to sign a "service" may: "author" - in the case of contract or "buyer" - in the case of the contract with him. That's all. And paid the taxes, etc "author" - remains on his conscience, he "service" was hired. Now, if it would be on the back - then everything in full: the payment of contributions, etc. PS: about the topic of contributions in a situation when the agent - physical person fulfilling the order for the organization, I recognize You. - fanny commented on October 3rd 19 at 02:19
if, of course, remember behind prescription of years — what is the situation with payments of contributions? - beau98 commented on October 3rd 19 at 02:22

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