The sharp increase in traffic in detail from a megaphone on the old rate, stable piece of hardware

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I have since 2008 is a few dozen pieces of iron(of their production) transmit the telemetry to my server. every minute, a fixed penny amount of information.

Was chosen tariff (modem), which consisted of a certain amount, and the rounding parameters. and it all worked all these years. I knew how much they consume, know how much to pay.

Over the last month noticed that the megaphone began to believe that I was sharply to convey more information (times 4) in detail (them) I see these same kilobytes (extra) but my devices don't become smarter, they change over the years.

The level of training of operators operator not giving me a chance to understand the situation with their help.

Can anyone encountered this lately? How did you decide on?

My assumptions is this: the bullhorn began to count internal traffic inside your network - that is, traffic from a neighboring network devices that can sit on the fatty rates, to send broadcast messages and so forth.

October 3rd 19 at 02:12
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October 3rd 19 at 02:14

1) viruses ? 2) answers of Your devices to requests (ICMP, UPnP, CDP, any other network protocols) ? 3) answers of Your devices to the requests with a forged source IP ? 4) switch the Megaphone on a different granularity of traffic counting ?

October 3rd 19 at 02:16

I think conditions have changed rounding of traffic, let's say it was 10 KB, was 100. Specifically read the terms of the contract.

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