WRC theme for IOS?

Good day! I would like to ask your help, can't choose theme for graduation course work in the field of Software engineering (Software engineering) - not yet accredited - we are the first edition. Write work want IOS because engaged in this area and it is interesting, I worked a lot with client-server applications with the API. Areas of interest: text analysis, semantics - just wondering it engaged, but the knowledge is almost there. Very interested in Bitcoin I learned about it 2 years ago and since then continuously monitor and dig them :) Also it would be interesting to make a Kaku-thread the piece of metal ( for example in arduino) and control on your phone, iPad.
Also I would be very happy to hear your suggestions. Usually the protection evaluate the implementation of the existing problems, write new approach to something or a scientific component to the work.
October 3rd 19 at 02:17
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October 3rd 19 at 02:19
It would be interesting to create a Machine (adruino) on the radio control which will analyze the terrain and react accordingly. For example, it was sent into the wall, she conducts analysis of the terrain and in case of finding obstacles, performs a maneuver or slow down.

Brains can be in the management program, and the device peripherals.

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