A new field in cakePHP?

Added a field in the database, I saw that cakePHP is the concept of schema and is only described in the schema field is stored in database when editing. Question — how now to add to the schema a new field and its description?
October 3rd 19 at 02:46
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October 3rd 19 at 02:48
Yes, it appears that the fields are cached. But removing the cache doesn't help, just creates a new cache file, with the old fields. The solution suggested on another forum, you need to register in the config

Configure::write('debug', 2);

and cause any page. DB field will be automatically written into the scheme and with the field, you can work effectively.
Yeah, of course. I just worked with the old cake. There were no schemes, and helped just delete temporary files. - constance.Ha commented on October 3rd 19 at 02:51
October 3rd 19 at 02:50
In my opinion the scheme is not quite right. I understand that they need to store the database structure in your project. Could be wrong of course, because he didn't work with them.

But if you have not saved the new field, try to clear the cache models, it is somewhere in the tmp folder. I am constantly faced with this. After adding a field in the database or model changes, the application is not working properly, due to the fact that was cached the old model.

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