How to take an hourly fee


Engaged in the sale of software products.

Advise clients mostly via e-mail, sometimes by phone.

During the warranty period, technical support is provided free of charge.

In some cases (when e-mail and by phone to solve the problem does not work), connect remotely via Ammyy Admin or via Team Viewer. Doing everything for free through technical support.

If any of the claimed functionality in the program is not working, also modify for free. Customers ' wishes into account in future versions in order of relevance or priority, but for a fee.

Over the past year, three times has faced some difficulties in the interaction with customers. Online standard solution is not found.

The email support — the most convenient form of support. This allows you to write instructions to solve standard model problems and in the event them from following clients almost do not spend time on support.

But some customers (5%):

— don't want to read instructions.

— read the instructions, but do not understand how, for example, to copy a file from the desktop to the folder c:\temp how to create a shortcut to how to move a folder how to unzip an archive, etc.

— on any trifling occasion require remote technical support.

asked to tell them how to run the program, show all the functions remotely and to explain how everything works. The user do not want to read, correspondence by e-mail does not suit them (although 90% just all just happy, the more problems hardly arise).

I came to the conclusion that such clients need to take an additional payment for remote support (with the exception of those cases where something is not working the fault of the program). The question is how to take payment for remote support.

I think 400 rubles per hour will be fine (guaranty of payment and Scam do not take into account defaulting customers just stop technical support, for example, after 2 weeks of non-payment).

But what if support took 5 minutes? 30 minutes? 1 hour and 5 minutes?

If you take the minute, clients will periodically pull for 5 minutes. This option does not suit. Each such distortion is really worth 15 minutes of lost working time. Not all customers this can be explained. Especially not to say that each support is paid per minute +15 minutes on top.

What to do if the connection is broken by the customer? Time to turn on or not?

If you make complex rules for the payment of support, many clients also do not understand (e.g., the actual time + 15 minutes; in the event of a disconnection, wait 10 minutes, then payment stops after 10 minutes, starts a second session, etc. — some even crooks thinks) even at a lower pay 300 rubles per hour. And on all occasions not write. Therefore, it is probably more correct to take a large amount per hour, and then do a discount.

If you take hourly, how can it be if support took 5 minutes? Round it to 1 hour would be wrong. Many will misunderstand. Pull time to 1 hour when you can do everything in 5 minutes is also not desirable — the more, my goal is to earn money by selling the program, not on the remote support.

If rounding up to an hour and 30 minutes, you will have to accept the fact that many customers, solving problems which took, let's say, 40-45 minutes, you will have to round the time down to 30 minutes. Yes, and you will not be because constantly calculating minutes.

If you do so that support for a minimum of 1 hour, then the minute will have to count the minutes, some customers will consider scrimping.

What if in the course support had to be distracted (for example, to answer an incoming call to another client)? I think you just need to subtract this time. But how to explain this to the client? He needs in advance to speak or with the end of support to say that this time I don't think?

What to do if you want to customize your program in several (e.g. 3) computers and time settings for each computer in 10 minutes? Nevertheless, this does not mean that you will have to work 30 minutes continuously. Will pull 3 times per day. To take 3 hours?

How to take payment for remote support?
October 3rd 19 at 03:08
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October 3rd 19 at 03:10
Take every minute with a minimum threshold of 15 minutes, for example. I.e. anything less than 15 minutes rounded up to 15. And forth constantly.
October 3rd 19 at 03:12
Customers perceive good service, when they make an exception to the General rule. So I would round it up to half an hour in a big way and would write about it for the website, and as a gift I have counted 30 minutes those who spent, for example, 40. And this is in person.

Similarly, it is possible to chargeit for the quick replies by mail on adequate and simple questions. Ie, bias toward simple rules + discounts as your goodwill.

Well, full support during the term I would generally rule out replacing it on the pack in so many hours of support.
October 3rd 19 at 03:14
In my experience it is easier to charge an hourly rate above and to round time worked up to half an hour in the smaller side. But I only have the Eureka and invoice once at the end of the month.
October 3rd 19 at 03:16
IMHO: You want to provide service to the class above, than is provided by one person, hence the trouble. Need someone who will support, first level to filter out nonsense and formalization of requests to the developers.
The decision on their own: paying for quantile time (hour, half hour as you see fit) in a big way. Question for 5 minutes or an hour — is charged with rounding up the quantiles.
October 3rd 19 at 03:18
1)Enter the minimum cost of the first hour of support, that is 400 rubles always take at least five minutes, at least 1 hour. This is perfectly normal. I have clients that often turn on small tasks, I told them to Biel minimal half an hour or half from $50 per hour, this is perfectly normal, if a client wants to pull often, and in five minutes he can buy a support package for a month for n dollars and pull later.
2)the Customer always pays, you eat s necessarily include the account open on the client side.
3)don't need to explain anything in fact to the customer and say it was time well spent on him and his account will not be included. Well of course when you call to say that so and so wait I gotta take this call.
4)Yes to take three hours, but this payment is not disciplinary Radivoje customers and he either stupidly willing to pay because he is Vogogna either will immediately put the task to configure three computers.
5)hourly or sell packages, I have the standard package supoprt for 200 bucks there except for the urgent supoprt in the fall of the project is celih 3 hours on common tasks.

Consider hiring a separate person for the caliper and do additional business. Programs are often their support is not really needed.
October 3rd 19 at 03:20
Repairers/plumbers does so:
1. For a false call takes a third/half hour
2. For the first hour is the cost of the hour. regardless of how much he spent
3. For the following hours is the cost of hours rounded to 15 minutes. Ie, if you worked 1 hour and 17 minutes that takes 2 hours, if you worked 1 hour and 12 minutes an hour.
4. Any expectation by the customer. At the beginning of work time is fixed, at the end of the work reflects the time — the difference is billable hours.
5. Time for tea and buns after working through the wizard.

I don't think mental support is to be paid worse than the physical.
I wanted to say that and the mechanics. But there's another lotion:
1. There are labor times
2. Any diagnosis N (usually <1) minutes.
3. The main work of the normalized — payment to be spoken immediately
4. All the normalized work performed longer due to mechanics. All work performed Aza less time for the client's account.
5. Irregular work strictly by the hour, pay by the minute (rounded) for labor times
6. If defects requiring additional repairs (soured nut, bent, etc.) labor times increases from 20% to 100%, in agreement with the client. - Demarcus64 commented on October 3rd 19 at 03:23
October 3rd 19 at 03:22
As a variant — make like a taxi do: call + range.
The dialer fixed amount (the amount based on those 15 minutes that ojivayut from rabochego time) + minute/hourly
Either do so with the support of less than one hour.
October 3rd 19 at 03:24
Let's see what is billed and paid support in other major projects, for example, 10 tickets per month + 2 hours support included in the subscription fee (the average number of trouble tickets and hours of calls a month from "not arrogant" customers), exit/(remote via Skype etc) training on defined rate (if the client is lazy to read the instructions and I want seminar and Potentate lecturer), and so on...

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