Iron to encode FULL HD

Hello, it is necessary to ask to start a thread in the HD encode will VLC, input the playlist with the files on the udp output no more than 10 megabits. Encoding done on the fly.
Question, what iron advise for the job on which processor is better to collect server Xeon or Core i7 processors, how much memory you need, etc. Thank you
October 3rd 19 at 03:40
1 answer
October 3rd 19 at 03:42
Most likely you will want the help of processor technology Intel QSV (a CPU that supports QSV). But as far as I know support is also needed in the drivers, so *nix may be a problem.
Oh, thanks for the tip - waldo53 commented on October 3rd 19 at 03:45
It's to watch a soap? QSV gives acceptable image quality with very high bitrate (but in principle, 10Mbps should be enough for a normal picture). Well, if it supports VLC now QSV? - Jaclyn_Ro commented on October 3rd 19 at 03:48
AxisPod VLC 2.1.0
- Add hardware encoding for Windows using Intel QuickSyncVideo.
How it works and whether it works at all — need to check. - holden.Schumm86 commented on October 3rd 19 at 03:51
well, how would drivers be the issue - waldo53 commented on October 3rd 19 at 03:54

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